How to debug pop-up in SAP ABAP

Recently, I’ve faced some issues which needed me to debug what happens in the ABAP program right after clicking something on the dialog screen in an SAP GUI system. The answer is simple; firstly, you need to create a small text file with the below code:





You can save it as whatever.txt and keep this file on top to have easy access to it.

Next, you just need to run the transaction or program you want to debug and get it to the point with a visible popup window. Then, you need to drag and drop the previously prepared file:

In the left corner, you will see information about switching on debug mode:

Right after that, you simply need to click a specific button on the pop-up screen and you will see the debugger with the breakpoint set on the current module and row:

That’s it! This simple tip can save you some time and allow you to debug specific cases. If you need help with something similar or have any problems with this solution – feel free to leave a comment below or contact me.